December 3, 2023

Keep Your Fitness Goals on Track With iConnect™ Active by Timex

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 Hitting the gym or stepping out for a jog? Looking forward to keeping track on your progress or the number of calories burned as you sweat through your session?

The 21st century allows you to calculate a number of parameters to understand your workout better. Technology gives you detailed information through a single gadget you adorn on your wrist. Watches have transformed into smartwatches that act as an extension of your smartphones. They receive notifications, provide you access to the apps, allow you to answer your calls, keep a track of your pulse and activity during the day. Since these watches are always on your wrist, they act as a constant reminder on how to improve or maintain your health.

Timex has repeatedly created mesmerising pieces that have created quite a mark in the world or watch making. Following the trend of smart watches across the globe, Timex has introduced a new line of iConnect™ Active collection in India to expand its smartwatch collection. These watches are a perfect blend of innovative technology and sleek aesthetics. They are designed to assist fitness enthusiasts in achieving a healthier lifestyle.

A few ways through which this smart watch can help you track your fitness goals are:

  1. Sleep tracker: A constant lack of sleep can have long term consequences on your health. A smartwatch can track your sleep patterns when worn at night including how many hours of sleep you get and how many of these hours are uninterrupted. They help you understand your sleep cycle to some extent and improve the quality and quantity as per your requirement.
  2. Steps and distance tracker: the iConnect™ Active by Timex allows you to keep track of the number of steps taken per day. It is believed that one of the easiest ways to improve your health is to take 10,000 steps a day. Smart watches have pedometers inbuilt in their mechanism and make you walk to attain your goal in an effective manner.
  3. Music controller: Handling your phone can get in the way of your workout. Smart watches allow you to load a number of tunes directly in the watch, allowing you to listen to music independently of your phone. These watches can also be connected to Bluetooth headphones which provide freedom of movement and convenience as you exercise. And we all know how incomplete your workout seems without some music in the background.

While these are some of the striking features of iConnect™ Active by Timex, it possesses many impressive specifications such as calorie tracker and sports mode, weather forecast ability, search for phone and notifications for your emails. This coming of age smart watch helps you keep a track of your social media apps as well. The watches are available in a number of colour options that you can choose from: black, silver, rose gold, navy and lilac. The watch comes in a lightweight case design and an optical heart rate detector along with a 37mm graphical colour display screen.

Timex is one of the most trusted companies to buy branded watches online in India. The watches can be purchased on or retail outlets of Lifestyle and Shopper’s Stop.


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