April 23, 2024

4 Great Things About Being a Grandparent

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When your children are all grown up, you’re living in an assisted living facility, and you have to accept that your family nest has flown away to lives of their own, your self-identity shifts. Now, you find yourself with far fewer chores to do, less homework to worry about, and fewer dinners to plan out. While this newfound freedom may be wonderfully liberating, many people find themselves longing for the meaning that being a parent gave them. 

Yet, as your children navigate through life and find partners of their own, many of them start to have children. As such, you take on a whole new role that you’ve never taken on before—grandparent. 

While the idea of being a grandparent may initially sound downright, well, old, the truth is that grandparenthood can be one of the most wonderful things that happen to you. Being a grandparent is entirely unique from being a parent, and some believe it’s even better. Here are some of the great things that you can look forward to about being a grandparent.

Unconditional Love

One of the best parts of being a parent is the unconditional love that comes along with it— and grandparenthood is the next best thing. Not only do your grandchildren have unconditional love for you, but it’s reciprocated towards them. 

And since you are the grandparent, there’s less pressure on you to worry about the disciplinary aspect of your relationship because you get to simply focus on enjoying each other. You get to enjoy quality time together and make memories, creating a special bond that is entirely unique.

Rediscovering Youthfulness

No matter how young we are at heart, as we get older, our youthfulness begins to fade. This is why relationships with children can be so valuable for seniors. Spending time with your grandchildren will help you rediscover parts of your childhood that you perhaps even forgot about. From playing games you had long forgotten to rediscovering your sense of exploration, children can reactivate parts of yourself that you were convinced were lost.


If you’ve never met a proud grandparent before, then you’re missing out on one of the most beautiful displays of affection that exist. Being a grandparent is incredibly rewarding and gives you a great sense of pride. Showing off photos and milestones at each stage of your grandchild’s life is downright fulfilling. And what could be more fulfilling than not only being a parent, but your children creating more children and strengthening your family heritage?


Children are often more willing to listen to their grandparents than they are to their parents. Since parents are disciplinarians, children often look to their grandparents for wisdom and advice that seems less biased. 

You can provide support to your grandchildren and mentor them through the different stages of their lives, serving as an important source of support. What’s more, you can also provide support and assistance to your own children who are navigating the world of parenting just as you once did.

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