June 14, 2024

Buying Silver Jewellery For A Bargain Price In Bangkok

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Bangkok is one of the primary worldwide trading centres for finished jewellery and polished gemstones, so some fantastic jewellery bargains are available when you visit the city. When you know what you are doing, you can make some further savings, and when you want to buy rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, or a beautiful silver pendant, wholesale prices are possible. Below are some bits of advice to help you when you want to go jewellery shopping in Bangkok and ensure you get the best price possible.

Know Where To Shop For Jewellery

You will need to have a good idea of where you can get the best jewellery bargains in Bangkok, and you will want to avoid the large jewellery stores in the shopping malls throughout the city. You also need to be aware that there are jewellery scams you will want to avoid, and the famous one is with Tuk Tuk drivers; click here to find out more. You will want to visit the independent and smaller jewellery stores, where you can get excellent bargains. You can also get some fantastic deals in the various markets throughout Bangkok, so it is worth exploring these when purchasing beautiful jewellery.

Buy Multiple Items

When you find a location with lots of choices of quality jewellery and there are different things you want to buy, you may want to consider getting multiple items. Purchasing several jewellery items from the same vendor puts you in a stronger bargaining position and can help you get a fantastic deal.

Negotiate The Price

You can also haggle on the price of the jewellery you want to buy, which can help you get an excellent deal. Let the vendor make the first move and ask them how much they want for each item you wish to buy, and then counter with an offer, ensuring it is not too low. You can go back and forth until you get a price you are happy paying and agree on a deal with the vendor, and ensure you get a receipt for your purchase.

Claim Back The VAT

As a tourist in Thailand, you can also claim back the VAT from your purchase, which is why you will need the receipt. You can claim the VAT back at the airport before leaving the country, and all you need to do is fill in a form, which takes a few minutes. You can click here to find more information about claiming the VAT on purchases as a tourist in Thailand.

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