April 23, 2024

Going Rough and Tough- Here’s How You Pick a Perfect Tactical Watch

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Tactical watches are not the regular off the shelf watches. These watches are designed for specific purposes to meet the extreme demands of soldiers, survivalists and those who enjoy extreme sports. Not all tactical watches are the same; they come with unique features which makes one watch more suitable than the other for your precise needs. It must be noted that the best of these watches should be extremely durable, accurate and must make the best use of space by being resourceful.


With a plethora of wrist watches for men online, people are spoilt for choice. Therefore, it is best to do your research and choose the watch which best suits your needs and not fall prey to any marketing gimmicks. Whether you are a novice or an expert, you basically need two things from your watch- accuracy and durability. To meet the same, the best tactical watches unlike many casual watches for men online use the best quality of materials and come built within with a plethora of tools. A few things to consider when selecting a tactical watch are:

  • Whether it is scratch-resistant

One thing to consider is whether it uses a scratch free crystal, preferably made out of sapphire, as it is the most scratch resistant material out there. This is extremely important because the functionality of your timepiece is decided by how easily you can read time from it. With a scratched and dull glass this will be extremely difficult rendering your watch almost useless.

  • Water resistance

Your watch must be water resistant to at least 80-100 metres underwater and have a high-pressure resistance. This is indicated by ATM or “atmospheres”. Experts recommend that you use a watch which has been tested to a minimum of 10 ATM so that you can wear it while entering water without any worries.

  • Analogue or Digital?

Probably the most crucial question while choosing a tactical watch is whether to go for an analogue watch or a digital one. While digital watches offer unmatched accuracy and often come with various other sophisticated functions, an analogue watch will give you a precise idea of how much time you have left when you’re under a time crunch or on a timed mission. Also, analogue watches are known to last longer than their digital counterparts.

  • Multi-functionality

Another important thing to consider is if your watch comes equipped with additional tools like compass, barometer, alarm, etc. Having these tools readily available on your wrist can provide you the much-needed tactical advantage at just the right moment.

  • Don’t be left in the dark

If you’ve to use your watch in the dark it is important that you have one that can serve the purpose. You don’t just need a glow in the dark watch or a lights-on button, it is important you can read time at all times with the flick of a wrist. The best option therefore would be a watch whose hands have a mild continuous glow. This is achieved by using tritium rods on the hands of the watch.

Now use the checklist above and choose the watch which best suits your needs and stay in vogue without losing out on quality.


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